Umbrella Co. / Wild Sun / The Benji’s / Bernard John

  • Thursday Nov. 29, 2018 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00
Umbrella Co
Hauntingly catchy songs that while nestled comfortably in the indie rock genre, a closer listen displays a diverse range of sounds and inspirations

Wild Sun
Their original brand of psychedelic 90s rock is a live show not to be missed. Debut record was produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish) and received frequent radio airplay (CMJ Top 200 Chart)

The Benji’s
Amazing dream-pop / indie-rock that’s been featured on 95.5WBRU and a kick-ass Lindsey Vonn video for Red Bull

Bernard John
Songs for both the heartbreakers and the broken hearted. His voice and lyrics powerfully fill a room without any hint of restraint. If melancholy is the bread, then hope is the butter. That is the unrestricted fight for balance his music brings, and it is a fight he knows all too well.