The Parlour is Proud to Present The 24-7 SPYZ!!!!! Live & Direct!!!!!

The Parlour is honed to host the 24-7 SPYZ Live and direct Friday April 24th Doors at 8PM This event will be 21+ $15.00 advance $20 Day of.
Rolling Stone Magazine said it best when it referred to 24-7 Spyz new album The Soundtrack to
the Innermost Galaxy as “a musical ride that keeps on giving something new”.
Yes, 24-7 Spyz are back with their first album in over 13 years and an ambitious tour schedule
that includes dates in both the US and Europe.

Formed in South Bronx, NY in 1986, the band is best known for mixing R&B, soul, funk and
reggae with heavy metal and hardcore punk. The fact that they are African Americans playing
variations of heavy metal led critics to compare them to bands such as Living Colour, Fishbone,
and Bad Brains. They were early pioneers in the fusion of these particular music styles,
influencing many artists and finding their own commercial success along the way. In the midst
of creating music that was true to themselves, 24-7 Spyz also helped to shatter the stereotypes
and dispel the myth that "Black Bands Don't Rock" by releasing eight groundbreaking albums.

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