Outsiders PBR /The Teledynes

  • Thursday Apr. 13, 2017 @ 8PM
  •  5.00

Though the lineup of players may have changed over 15 years and 500+ shows, the resolve remains the same: “R.N.R.A.D.Y.” an acronym for their collective mantra, “Rock n Roll Ain’t Dead Yet”. A fiery hybrid of punk rock, metal, surf and hillbilly performed with such fervor that will surely have many a passer-by nodding slowly in agreement. A power trio led by Elvirus, a wild man, a wild card, if you will, delivers hiccupy vocal hellfire while slinging an over-driven red Gretsch. Matt “Backdraft” Bartlett, a full time fire-fighter in New Hampshire, slaps a home made upright comprised of a human skeleton. The rhythmic slapping and thunderous low end of “Rigormort-bass” is a sight -and sound- to be experienced. The backbone to the rhythm section is heralded by “Cousin” Jamey Travis, delivering consistent hillbilly “train beat” snare work, or the devil’s own favorite: double bass. Together, this….this amalgam of gritty music, truly embodies it’s own mantra…Rock n roll AIN’T dead yet…but if it WERE, it’d be kicking and screaming on it’s way out the door.

With special guests- The Teledynes !


4 Aces recording artists The Teledynes bring you the best in Surf, Rockabilly blues and Rock-N-Roll.

All this for no cover come down and dance around.