Steve Donovan and the IRS, Atlas Bloom, The Dead LA, PALS

  • Saturday Feb. 13, 2016 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00

Atlas Bloom is on tour and Providence bound for their first 401 experience. Alternative groovy goodness comin’ your way. They want your ears and you want their music. Look out for their catchy harmonies and powerful belting ’cause IT FUCKIN’ HITS YA…it’s as if The Beatles gave Incubus a lesson…

Supporting these melodic & fast-paced rockers are funk/rock/punk masters who have come along way in a short amount of time, The (MOTHA FUCKIN’) Dead L.A. (fuck yea, i’m always stoked to watch these dudes). They’ll be jammin’ your panties off for the second spot of the evening.

Also, PALS is intesifying the night with their beautifully technical and rythmic progression. These guys are giving a huge sense of competition in the Providence scene. Killin’ it out there and killin’ it here at The Parlour.

Steve Donovan and the IRS make a rare appearance bringing you their brand of rhythm and blues. The IRS will be bringing you an extended set spanning Donovan’s extensive repertoire. RI Music Hall of Famer Bob Giusti (formerly of Rash of Stabbings, Schemers, Raindogs, Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billy’s, Kris Hansen.. Also currently in Rumble Party) fulfills drumming duties for the IRS, and Jimmy Luciano (also of the Sweet Release) thumps the bass. Other musicians may be included. Don’t miss this, as they DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER SCHEDULED APPEARANCE AT THE TIME.

Feb 13th!
$5 Entry!
Starts at 9pm!
Bring friends!
Awesome food and drink

Check out what these act has been up to:
Atlas Bloom’s new music video entitled, “Walls” :

PALS WBRU Session, “Orange Fish Mamba” :

The Dead L.A.
Debut Album, “Eddy SQ.” :