Viking Jesus / Dust Ruffles

  • Saturday Sep. 19, 2015 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00

Viking Jesus    Viking Jesus plays epic, short attention span songs that move with purpose and
poetry. Structure being the last frontier of songwriting, we take our music into
different directions you don’t expect. We try not to rely on hooks but rather
tell stories like a vignette. The music is the catalyst and words the
impression. We are influenced by 60′ Psychedelic and Folk, 70’s Rock, Soul and a
bit of 90’s Grunge.


The Dust Ruffles:

The Dust Ruffles- An award winning, four piece, original, pop rock band made up of four of Rhode Island’s well known talents.  Their reputation of four part harmonies, retro feel and unique pop style have made them well known in the Southern New England area.

Musical artist and songwriter Tammy Laforest teamed up with Alvaro Diaz from the famed Kanerko in 2013.  They performed as a duo that could switch places between drums and vocals and guitar and vocals.  In 2014 with the release of Tammy’s debut record “Copper” they were joined by renowned SexCoffee bassist Sharlene DeNardo and SexCoffee lead guitarist Bobby Dumont at the suggestion of the album’s many time Grammy Nominated producer George Dussault.