Locals Covering Locals #5 W/Host Dawn Cabral

  • Sunday Aug. 04, 2019 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00

Matt Gillooly
Keith A/B
Joseph Reyes Joseph Reyes Aka Shaolin Sherlock
Dylan Titus
Nicole Gauthier of How’s About Charlie
Thomas M. McCorry of EclecticElectric
Fred Galpern of Plug
Luc Mailloux of Purple Honey
Dawn Cabral of Dawnie and the Goods

Some of the songs:

ICU – Viking Jesus – Kris Hansen
Destination Mind – I Among You
Providence – Allston Police
How Strange – Amanda Salemi
Grey – Mike Baker
Ghost – @Amanda Centrella
Take, Shake, and Make Me – Kate Mick
Off the Grid – Tiny Diamond
Honest (Black Irish Style) – Dawn Cabral
The Fountain – Visiting Wine
Mr. 5-0 – Corey J Silva
The Laundromat/ The Refrigerator – Tracy Chevrolet / Ski Bunny
My Own Version – Sgt. Baker & The Clones
Trouble – Sgt. Baker & The Clones
Insecure Reactor – Treats Julie Bozek
Youth & Age – Aquaria
A Storm – Artist Monk
Becca Neveu
Hit – Medicine Ball
Even I Can Dream – Andy Lampert Band
Future Proof – Keith A/B
If You Were Mine – NOVA ONE
Silence – John Faraone
Your Girl – Nova One.
Love, Lust – SEXCoffee.
Last Night Of Our Lives – Al Diaz Music.
Obsolete – Eric Barao.
Deer On The Road – Gary Stevens
Daniel drinks the whiskey – Josh Willis,
Entertain Us – Opium Droid
—- by Nate Cozzolino Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts