Glass machines / Nate and the lost arts / Zero holds

  • Thursday Dec. 29, 2016 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00

 Glass Machines play intense, rhythm-driven music.

their songs incorporate deep grooves, wild jams, harmony and humor.

The musical collective known as The Lost Arts is the latest artistic brainchild of local transplant and emerging musical force Nate Cozzolino. Since his arrival in Rhode Island after fleeing a disaster-ravaged Japan ( where he’d spent a decade honing his craft in the smokey cocktail lounges and perpetually open bars of the Japanese urban sprawl ) Nate has rapidly embedded himself into the live music scene. Armed with a catalogue of both wildly inspired original songs and refreshingly re-imagined covers, Nate’s performances serve to tell the ongoing story of the highs, lows and perpetual pushing-forward of a gypsy life very much examined.