Everett Bros Moving Co. / Barn Burning / Jodie Treloar Band

  • Thursday Jul. 23, 2015 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00

Everett Bros Moving Co.

After chawing on gravel and carpet tacks, Everett Bros. Moving Company spits out pearls of purest sheen, jewels of starry brilliance, and a keening, crooning growl that reaches into your innermost being and plucks out that which you hold most dear, that which you had forgotten or never knew, that which makes life complete.”

Barn Burning

An inventive Rhode Island band that offers an indie take on alt-country. The resulting tunes are sparse, yet rich with emotion. Anthony Loffredio sings with detached melancholy that is anchored to earthly lapsteel and harmonica”

Jodie Treloar Band

Rhode Island based singer/ songwriter. Jodie Treloar blends elements of indie folk, country.Delivered with powerful vocals.