Chris Monti Trio / Jacob Haller

  • Thursday Mar. 02, 2017 @ 8PM
  •  $5.00

The Parlour is lovely. $5 at the door.

Chris Monti is debuting his new band with and drummer Danilo Henriquez and bassist Thierno Camara. They’ll be playing Chris’s songs–the groovy end of his stuff–and some african dance music. Can they really play that stuff? Yup. Thierno is from Senagal, is trained in Jazz, and can rock many different african and american styles on the 6-string electric bass. Danilo is a conservatory trained trumpet player (but plays drums in this group), has traveled to Mali and is in Devo Band, which has been playing big-band Ethiopian music out of Boston for 10 years. And Chris has smoked lots of mexican grass and listened to Nigeria Special about 10,000 times.


No one spins a good tale like singer/songwriter Jacob Haller, who just released Circumstantial Evidence, the follow-up his ’09 solo debut Mistaken Identity (both available at Haller’s silly, skewed, and neurotic (and brutally catchy) storytelling and subject matter are all over the place — in a good way