Allysen Callery / Jillian Kay / Wild Yawp / Swimming Bell

A sweet night of femme folk, just the way to spend a Thursday!

Doors @ 8:00
7-10 Sliding Scale (support your touring and local acts! they like food and paying rent!)

Allysen Callery
” Her lilting voice and heartfelt lyrics are eerily close to the work of the late British songstress Sandy Denny, the highest compliment I could hand down to this brilliant artist.”- Paste Magazine
Allysen Callery is a self-taught folk artist from Bristol, Rhode Island. Growing up she was heavily influenced by her parent’s British Isles Folk Revival records of the late 60′s early 70′s

Wild Yawp
WILD (adj): uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure. YAWP (noun): a raucous noise; a a cry; a shout. Wild Yawp is known for frontwoman Emily Bielagus’s powerful vocals and fiercely feminist lyrics, backed by the Kim Deal-inspired basslines of Sid Solomon and Reba Hasko’s lively, danceable punk rock percussion. Their first EP, Demo, was released in April 2017. Since then, they have shared the stage with artists such as Sarah Landeau of the Julie Ruin, Mal Blum, Sammus, and Mal Devisa. Wild Yawp wrote original music for (and is featured in) the film The Miseducation of Cameron Post (this year’s Sundance Film Fest Grand Jury Prize winner). The Brooklyn-based band is currently working with Gravesend recordings (Ava Luna, Palehound, Frankie Cosmos) on a forthcoming EP, If They Come For Me. Look for it in fall 2018.–

Swimming Bell
Swimming Bell’s music is based in folk, but with an experimental spin. She plays mostly electric, but builds upon her songs using acoustic guitar and vocal loops to create expansive harmonies, rhythms, and atmosphere.
“The Golden Heart is charming and delightful, full of infectious melodies, shimmering harmonies and pungent, pulsing rhythms.” – Huffington Post
“ …a lush, mid-’70s California vibe” – Brooklyn Vegan
“…mesmerizing. It’s five songs and each one of them is worthy of a listen.” – Paste Magazine

Jillian Kay
Jill sleeps a lot and writes songs
sometimes and sometimes doesn’t
know when she’s sleeping and
when she’s not

when she’s not
sleeping songs are recorded