ACE Magazine Launch Party with The Copacetics, Barn Burning, Von Donovan

  • Saturday Mar. 28, 2015 @ 8PM
  •  Free

FREE!!! with some GREAT bands to help keep the party going!!!! Barn Burning, Von Donovan and the Copacetics will be providing everyone an exciting night of music!

Jon B. Cooke and Robert Yeremian have done the unthinkable in 2015- they are publishing a real paper magazine! Come on down and help us celebrate the launch of ACE magazine!

ACE is the magazine devoted to contemporary comics created to fill a void in the comic-book realm, a new monthly periodical devoted to sharing the good news while weighing in on worthy concerns effecting the contemporary scene and related media β€” print, digital, celluloid and video β€” as well as giving attention to graphic novels and their growing impact on the larger world.

Our title ACE is an acronym, β€œAll Comics Evaluated,” one that shares dual meaning: first, regarding the aesthetic and critical worth of the stories through opinion and reviews of comics of worth to seek out; two, as a tool for collectors to monitor and thoroughly appraise their collections or for readers to accurately price a much desired title.

Most of all, ACE is on a mission to inform and entertain, giving readers a respite from busy life to share in the enthusiasm generated by the field and learn of the daring and the different to come.