Jazz Revelations: Tribute to Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band 5-8PPM

  • Sunday Apr. 29, 2018 @ 5PM
  •  $10.00

Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band blend jazz modality, gospel sentiments, and folkloric references to create a musical space in contemporary jazz that is uniquely their own. From their warm melodies that ebb and flow, to evocative harmonies that are deep and rich, they bring a beautiful sense of earnestness and authenticity to their work. Their music evokes an unwavering sense of unity where no single musician is more or less important than the others.

This tribute to the music of Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band will be performed by Phil Grenadier Jazz (trumpet), Ed Harlow (tenor and soprano saxophones), Matthew Marcus(piano), Max Ridley (bass), and Isaac Seabrook (drums).

Admission will be $10 cash at the door.

Get a taste of what to expect with Matt on keys, but otherwise different musicians than above, performing Stoner Hill at

Matt explains what this music means to him: I first heard Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band in Boston last fall, and was struck by the beauty and raw emotion of their sound. Whether their melodies are simple or complex, short or long, their music holds deep meaning. Transcribing their music over the past couple months has only deepened my appreciation for what they bring to the world of contemporary music. It is a true pleasure to be able share their music on stage with a wonderful group of musicians.